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差价合约(CFD)属于复杂金融产品,由于杠杆作用,存在快速损失资金的高风险。该经纪商零售投资者中,77.78% 的账户在交易差价合约时会损失资金。您应该考虑是否理解差价合约的运作方式以及是否能够承受高风险损失资金的可能性。

经纪商零售投资者中,77.78% 的账户在交易差价合约时会损失资金

What is cryptocurrency?

Simply put, Crypto (or Cryptocurrency) is a digitised asset spread through multiple computer nodes in a shared network. This network is known as a blockchain, which is a decentralized ledger of transactions that take place across a peer-to-peer network. 

Cryptocurrency uses blockchain technology to gain:

  1. Decentralisation – Absence of any control or influence from a centralised authority.
  2. Transparency – Every transaction on the blockchain ledger can be verified by anyone on the network.
  3. Immutability – Due to the encrypted nature of the blockchain, it is impervious to manipulation or fraud.